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WLRI World's Large Rivers Initiative
WLRI World's Large Rivers Initiative

In order to achieve the aims presented in the objectives-chapter, the World's Large Rivers Initiative (WLRI) has been originated.


This Initiative was approved by the Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO on 20 June 2014, at its 21st session, in Paris by its decision IHP/IC-XXI/DR5.

The decision requested the IHP Secretariat and the UNESCO Chair on ‘Integrated River Research and Management’ to establish a working group, mandated with ‘elaborating the scope, activities and desired outputs of this initiative, on the basis of consensus and upon request of the countries concerned’. The working group will focus on defining the notion of “Large Rivers”.



1st WLRI Working Group Meeting - 25th / 26th June 2015 in Vienna

This meeting can be seen as the beginning of a process that will aim at exchanging ideas and facilitating cooperation between different stakeholders such as researchers and scientists, with a view to develop a scientific basis for an integrated river research by exchanging expertise and good practices. The outcomes of the working group will be reported to the next IHP-Intergovernmental Council in 2016.



Press Releases:

2015/06/25 APA: Österreichische Forscher und UNESCO starten globale Fluss-Initiative   [pdf german]

2015/06/25 Kleine Zeitung: Globale Flussinitiative österreichischer Forscher und UNESCO   [pdf german]

2015/06/25 UNESCO-Press: World's Large Rivers Initiative kicks off in Vienna   [pdf english]

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